'We’ll see you Monday suckers': Milwaukee fans hopeful as Brewers prepare for Game 3 of NLCS

NOW: ’We’ll see you Monday suckers’: Milwaukee fans hopeful as Brewers prepare for Game 3 of NLCS

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The Milwaukee Brewers fell to the Los Angeles Dodgers Saturday night in game two of the National League Championship Series. You may think Brewers fans would walk out of Miller Park with their heads down, that wasn’t the case for many Saturday night. Even with Saturday’s loss to the LA Dodgers, the excitement was high from fans.

“We’ll be back baby,” a fan screamed.

Many fans repeated the same thing, ‘we’ll get them in LA’ as they walked out of Miller Park. The Milwaukee Brewers will face the LA Dodgers for game three of the NLCS on Monday in Los Angeles. 

“We’re going to go to LA and take it all the way,” another Brewers fan said.

Even when things didn’t look good for the Brew Crew, fans never stopped cheering them on.

“We lost the game, but we never gave up hope man, we were cheering and screaming in the end. We always got hope,” a Brewers fans said.

Some fans were disappointed to see the Brewers 12-game winning streak end Saturday.

“I’m not used to losing, we have been winning so much,” a Brewers fan said.

But fans won’t let Saturday’s loss bring them down.

“We’ll see you Monday suckers.”

The Milwaukee Brewers will face the Los Angeles Dodgers Monday at 6:39 p.m. at Dodger Stadium.

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