'Lot of bad intersections on the north side of Milwaukee': Officials work to force drivers to slow down

NOW: ’Lot of bad intersections on the north side of Milwaukee’: Officials work to force drivers to slow down

MILWAUKEE (CBS58)-- For years, Milwaukee has dealt with the growing problem of reckless drivers and the tragedies they cause. 

Milwaukee Police Captain Jeffrey Sunn, explained a map that shows the most problematic and dangerous intersections in the city.

"Fond Du Lac and Hampton, Fond Du Lac and Capitol, Capitol and Sherman, Sherman and Burleigh, Fond Du Lac and Sherman."

He says anywhere you have high congested traffic ways, crashes are to be expected. This is due to rush hour, speeding and not paying attention to the road.

Capt. Sunn says drivers don't even obey the speed limit when it changes.

"Let's say you're going down Fond Du Lac Avenue, you're exiting Fond Du Lac freeway and it turns into Fond Du Lac Avenue at about 68th Street, sometimes people think they're still on the freeway."

According to the Department of Transportation, there have been over 12,000 crashes in Milwaukee this year, involving 26,000 people.

Forty-five crashes, killing 50 people.

"it's a disturbing number," Capt. Sunn said.

But they are working to try to reduce the number of crashes.

"We get to the intersections and the problems of concern as much as we can, obviously we have finite resources. That's why we need everybody to be part of the solution." 

By telling your neighbors, friends and family to slow down.

Captain Sunn says there are conversations about installing round-a-bouts, bump-outs or curb designs.

"The city is doing what it can to change peoples' behavior," said 10th District Alderman Michael Murphy.

Ald. Murphy says the Common Council just hit the green light on $6-million for engineering solutions.

"That means changing the streets themselves, so physically altering the streets to force drivers to slow down. That money has just been approved, the Department of Public Works will be looking at rapid implementation of some of those projects in the very near future," Ald. Murphy said.

Capt. Sunn says some people have asked for speed bumps on major streets. He says that will disrupt the flow of traffic.

But if you have a concern about reckless drivers in certain areas, you can make a report on the Traffic Safety Unit website.

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