We Energies customers could pay for Foxconn substation

NOW: We Energies customers could pay for Foxconn substation

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) – Concerns were raised during a public works committee meeting on Thursday about Milwaukee residents paying for Foxconn’s energy.

It would cost $140 million to build the energy substation needed to power Foxconn’s new plant.

The question at hand for city leaders was is this project proposed for the need of the public or for the company?

“These subsidies are getting out of hand, especially when there is no public transit connecting low-income Milwaukeeans to these jobs,” says Alderman Robert Bauman.

Bauman calls the proposal to hike resident’s WE Energy bill unfair. He wants to explore the legal options the city has to object an added cost for Milwaukee residents.

“I know there are many developers in Milwaukee who have paid a lot for utility work and Foxconn is paying nothing apparently for this substation,” says Bauman.

We Energies is a customer of the American Transmission Company.

Bauman says if the plan is approved, Milwaukee residents would end up giving money to Foxconn three different ways; their property taxes, state income taxes, and their utility bill.

While the ATC says it’ll only cost customers a few pennies a year, Bauman isn’t convinced.

But other aldermen say they support investing in power for the company over other projects.

“My money is on Foxconn,” says Alderman Mark Borkowski.

Sill Bauman says he stands firmly against Milwaukee residents funding Foxconn’s energy.

“I will introduce a resolution,” says Bauman. “I will direct the city attorney to oppose the grant of the certificate of the necessity and inconvenience for this $140 million substation.”

The plan would not only impact Milwaukee customers but all of their estimated five million users across the state.

Bauman plans on presenting his resolution at the next meeting, in three weeks.

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