WE Energies wants more fees for solar powered homes

NOW: WE Energies wants more fees for solar powered homes

Yveete Von Rueden says she's proud to live in a home that uses less electricity.

"Trying to be a little more environmentally conscious that way."

She was also hoping her $12,000 solar panels would cut down on monthly costs.

"It's really been an initial investment with the idea that we would save money in the long run."

WE Energies argues solar powered homes still use electricity as a back up, so they get to use community infrastructure without paying as much.

"Poles and wires, and all that back office stuff is really really good, but the people with solar panels are not currently paying their fair share of it," WE Energies spokesperson Brendan Conway said.

WE Energies has proposed a surcharge, they say will cost about $15  a month for the average solar user.

"They still will save money," Conway said. "So they're still saving an average of $15 a month. $600 a year."

The decision will come down to a fall vote of the three members on the neutral Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

"One of the requirements is that the rates included one of the standards is fair and reasonable," PSC Administrator Martin Day said.

The PSC does consider public comments, and anyone can submit feedback on their website.

"I'm just hoping we'll be able to see a negotiation where both parties will benefit," Rueden said.

Two of the three PSC members need to vote for the proposal for it to pass. The surcharge would go into effect in 2021.

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