WE Energies prepares to disconnect for overdue winter bills

MILWAUKEE -- This never-ending winter was one for the record books. Not only was it one of the coldest in recent times, it was one of the most expensive.


Natural gas bills on average were about $750 over the winter month, that’s about $200 more than last year.


To make matters worse, WE Energies says they're going to start sending out disconnection notices.

April 15th is the deadline to get your bills paid or they’ll start turning off utilities.


\"They are things that can be done, there are options out there that are available to help people, and the sooner they call, the sooner we can point people into the direction of that assistance,” says Cathy Schulze, spokesperson for WE Energies.


One option is the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program. It helps low income families cover the cost of bills; some receive as much as $500.


For more information visit www.cr-sdc.org or www.we-energies.com 

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