We Energies Predicting Heating Costs to be Less than 2014 Winter

The average residential customer will pay $489 between November 1 and April 30, 2016 for heating costs, according to a We Energies heating cost forecast released on Wednesday.

We Energies issued its 2015-16 winter heating cost forecast predicting that the cost for the typical residential natural gas customer for this winter’s heating season will be less than the cost for any winter season since 2001-02. 

The numbers were based on a normal winter and natural gas prices remaining where they are today on the spot market, the average residential customer would pay $489 between Nov. 1, 2015, and April 30, 2016.

Along with being the lowest-cost heating season in 14 years, the average residential customer would pay:

  • $107 (18%) less than the winter of 2014-15.
  • $140 (31%) less than the previous 10-year average.
  • $389 (44%) less than the most expensive winter (2007-08).

The calculation of normal winter weather is based on the average of daily temperatures during the past 20 winter heating seasons.

We Energies has more than 1.1 million natural gas customers in Wisconsin. 

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