We Energies Falcon Naming Contest

NOW: We Energies Falcon Naming Contest
Milwaukee -

We Energies just launched a contest for the peregrine falcon season.

Teachers have a chance to win their class a field trip to one of our falcon bandings, and the kids will also get to name the chicks!

Classes can enter our poster contest for a chance to win. They have until Apr. 27 to enter.

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Since the 1990's We Energies has been assisting with bringing back the Peregrine Falcon population.

 The raptor's population was decimated during the 1960s.

Estimated nesting pairs in the U.S. dropped from thousands to just a few hundred. Though not the sole reason for the decline, the pesticide DDT, which passed through the food chain to the peregrines, weakened the shells of eggs, leading to the loss of many young before they could hatch.

With the curtailment of chemical pesticides and the success of nest boxes on our power plants and other locations, peregrine falcons are making an impressive recovery.

Since the beginning of our program, more than 200 peregrines have hatched at our nest boxes, which is about 20 percent of the total produced in Wisconsin.

You can watch the falcons during nesting season, typically March through July, checking hourly snapshots from various webcams.

WE Energies also provides live video of one of nest boxes when they have some eggs that are about ready to hatch.

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