"We couldn't save the baby:" Neighbors alerted by smoke alarm rush to rescue kids next door

NOW: “We couldn’t save the baby:“ Neighbors alerted by smoke alarm rush to rescue kids next door

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A baby died after she was rescued from a burning home Saturday evening near 28th and Meinecke. Milwaukee Police says a 31-year-old relative of the baby was arrested for preliminary charges on child neglect. 

On Saturday evening, Cleveland Shaw and his mother were home when they heard the smoke alarm go off. 

'We saw the smoke coming out and the smoke detectors went off," said Shaw.

Shaw and his mother went next door to check on the kids who live in the same duplex. 

"We ran in and grabbed the two oldest boys who can walk. The baby can walk but we couldn't find her," said Shaw. 

When fire crew got to the scene, Shaw told fire crews one-year-old Ouamyiia Owens was still inside. Firefighters rescued Owens and took her to the Children's Hospital but she died Sunday from her injuries. 

On Monday, Milwaukee Fire handed went door-to-door to install smoke alarms in the area of 28th and Meinecke. 

"The working smoke alarm was critical in identifying that there was an issue in the home. It not only notified people in the upper unit but in the lower unit so people were able to get out relatively quick. Unfortunately, one of the children was not able to get out. That's why we want to stress having a working smoke alarm and having an escape plan," said John Schwengel, Milwaukee Fire Department Assistant Chief.

For more on how you can get a smoke alarm, call the smoke alarm hotline (414)-286-8980.

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