WCTC hosts two-day Foxconn product showcase

NOW: WCTC hosts two-day Foxconn product showcase

Foxconn coming to Milwaukee is all the buzz. Many wonder what exactly the company does. Today, they received answers.

Foxconn came to Waukesha County to show off some of the products they make. The Foxconn display was set up at the Waukesha County Technical College. 

The Foxconn showcase was packed with interactive LCD screens and other gadgets.

Waukesha County Technical College officials are hoping it leads to people jumping into some of the school's programs.

"WCTC and the other technical colleges in the state are already training people for many of the positions that Foxconn will be looking for… so it's just exciting to actually see the products that are going to be produced," said Michael Shields, WCTC Applied Technologies Dean. 

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