WC Food Pantry in Walworth County will close their doors this fall

After serving the Walworth County community for eight years, the WC Food Pantry will close its doors on October 29, 2017.

Jim and Ardith Drescher, along with a steady complement of volunteers, have been serving 50 or more families twice a week, every week since 2009.   The pantry has been a source of not only the traditional non-perishable food items but also fresh produce, refrigerated and frozen meats and dairy items, fresh bakery goods, paper products and personal hygiene items, pet food, clothing and more. 

The Drescher’s are saddened to be closing the pantry but are unable to keep up with the pace.  “Over the years this has turned in to almost a full-time job for the both of us,” said Jim Drescher.  “I have tried for almost a year to find someone or some group to take over the pantry but with no success. Hopefully, someone will see this story and come forward wanting to take over the food pantry. That is my hope because the last thing we want is for the pantry to close.”

The panty estimates that over the last eight years,  they served over 5,000 families, and have given away over 4.5 million pounds of food.   

The WC Food Pantry's last day serving families in Walworth County will be Saturday October 28th, 2017.

The WC Food Pantry is still accepting money, food donations, books and toys for kids, but they are no longer accepting any clothes.

Anything left when they close their doors will be divided among the other food pantries in Walworth County.

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