Wauwatosa West students seeking peace after two big fights this week

NOW: Wauwatosa West students seeking peace after two big fights this week

WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Outrage from families at Wauwatosa West High School after unrest in the hallway brought multiple squad cars to the scene. And it's only the first two weeks of school.

The fight yesterday, on Sept. 14, captured on video and being circulated on social media, is the second big fight this week for Wauwatosa West students. Peacekeepers have organized a rally they hope will stop the violence.

Wednesday morning started like this, with multiple students kicking and punching each other outside the school's cafeteria. One young man was slammed into the lockers.

"It's been a really rough start because there's been two fights already and this is our first full week," said Kennedy Hardrick, Wauwatosa West High School student.

Even students who didn't know about the fight felt afraid, because they saw multiple squad cars pull up and say the regular announcement telling them to get to their classes kept repeating.

"The teachers are trying to contain the fights, but they do need help," said Sarah Burns, Wauwatosa West High School student.

Two school resource officers were at Tosa West, but the intensity of the fight prompted them to call for backup. It's the second fight this week. Monday, Sept. 12, both Wauwatosa West students and middle schoolers fought outside this Starbucks near Center and Mayfair.

"I mean I definitely have concerns. I have a little one in elementary school and then one in middle school but I definitely would want things to change before they get there," said parent Angella Goss.

Principal Corey Golla sent this letter to families saying the physical altercation Wednesday, Sept. 14 involved six students, no weapons were involved. In his words, "Wauwatosa West is a good school "populated by great students" -- and that "school safety is a top priority" and "students who choose to engage in fights will be subject to school consequences, and potential legal action."

"They're telling us not to like post on social media because that is wrong. They're telling us like if there is a problem take it to a counselor, not fight over it because there's already too much stuff in the world already," said Hardrick.

Students have now organized a peace rally. It is expected to start at 7:45 a.m. Friday, Sept. 16.

We want to clear up some confusion about the peace rally. Student athletes say their coaches won't let them go to practice or attend games if they go to the peace rally. And while that's true for any walk-outs that take place during the school day, this one is at 7:45 a.m. so Principal Golla tells CBS 58 as long as students are in their seat in time for first hour and aren't late, they can attend the early morning rally.

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