Wauwatosa rally held to support Charlottesville victims

NOW: Wauwatosa rally held to support Charlottesville victims

Friday night a crowd gathered outside City Hall in Wauwatosa to denounce the racism and violence displayed in Charlottesville, VA Last weekend.

The rally was organized by Tosa Together and Indivisible Tosa, two groups working to promote diversity in the community.

“We felt it was important to speak out against the hate that was on view last Saturday,” said Ann Heidkamp with Tosa Together.

The group honored the life of 32-year-old Heather Hayer, the woman killed and the 19 others injured by a suspected white supremacist in Charlottesville.

“I brought my kids out here so they can see that being a participant is important in times like this,” said Heather Kuhl. “We can’t just sit by and be sad about what’s happening in the world. We need to show up."

Many driving by honked their horns to show support for the message.

“It make me feel so hopeful that it's a very small fraction of society that has hate in their hearts,” Julie said Henszey with Indivisible Tosa.

And the people gathered Friday evening want to make it clear Wauwatosa is a place where everyone is welcome.

“You need to open your minds and your hearts to the people that are out there,” said Joseph Kraynick with Indivisible Tosa. “We're all in this together. This is a world we share.”

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