Wauwatosa Police Urge Safety During Busy Holiday Shopping Weekend

We're about to begin what will be the final holiday shopping rush. Not only is it time to prepare for large crowds, it's also time to think about your safety. Police say it is all about making sure you don't make yourself a target for thieves.

You could do what Julie Lemmel does.

"Lock my doors, ya know, watch my surroundings when I'm walking around," she said.

Or the purse-carrying Kris Mooney, who's with her husband Rich Gibson.

"It is pretty close, yes," Mooney said. 

Gibson added, "I always remind her to zip it up."

We caught the two of them leaving the Mayfair Road Best Buy, Friday, carrying a bag with gift cards and an expensive high definition radio. If left on the seat of your car, that could just what a thief needs to see. Wauwatosa Police Sergeant Jeffery Farina said that goes with anything else, even stuff that isn't necessarily a gift.

"If the bad guys are looking inside your car and they see cords, they're probably going to know that there's something valuable inside the car," Sgt. Farina said.

Speaking of cell phones, stay off yours in the parking lot.

"If you're on your cell phone, having a conversation, or you're texting someone, you can't be aware of your surroundings. so, leave the cell phone in your pocket," Sgt. Farina added.

Something else to consider...stay under bright lights and be with others. Malls, like Mayfair, have constant parking lot security and take your safety seriously.

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