Wauwatosa McDonald's temporarily shut down for health code violations

WAUWATOSA -- The McDonald's near Mayfair Rd. and Burleigh St. was temporarily shut down after a health inspection in March 2014. The Wauwatosa health inspector ordered the restaurant closed after finding several major violations.

According to a health inspectors report, the health inspector found no functioning hand wash sinks in the restaurants with the exception of bathroom sinks. One employees told the health inspector, \"Why do we need to wash our hands? We wear gloves?\"

The March 12th inspection also found hamburger patties that had a temperature under 165 degrees. Restaurants are required to keep meat at or above 165 degrees, because that's the temperature that kills most bacteria.

The health inspector also found food stored too close to the restaurants floor, which was in severe need of cleaning. The health inspector noted that the floor has accumulated food debris and grease. Stores are supposed to keep food at least six inches above the floor. 

The report says the health inspector found \"clean\" dishes with food debris on them and sanitizer buckets with no sanitizer in them.

The Wauwatosa Health Department sent an inspector back to the McDonald's on March 13th. That inspector noted floor sanitation had improved. The inspector also noted the restaurant had soap for wash sinks, but no soap dispensers.

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