'Waukesha Strong' mural planned for business along riverfront

NOW: ’Waukesha Strong’ mural planned for business along riverfront

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Can art help a community heal?

Waukesha's public art committee will ponder the question as they review this mural dedicated to the victims of the Christmas parade tragedy.

The "Waukesha Strong" mural will go on the side of the Salty Toad. The bar is located along the riverfront, near Friedman alley. 

There are two possible color schemes, both bright and bold.

"Who is this for? It's not just for victims and their families. It's for the community as well. It's a reminder of the strength and togetherness of the community coming together."

The artist is raising money for the mural. No funds will come from the committee or the city.

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