Sex Offender Released Without Home in Waukesha

A man who has been in prison for sexually assaulting a child was released Tuesday with nowhere to live.

County officials say they just want to let the general public know.

Christopher O'Bright have been in prison for more than a decade for sexually assaulting a child.

He'll be registered as an offender for his entire life and will be monitored by GPS.

Waukesha doesn't allow offenders to be within 750 feet of places like parks, schools or day cares, but officials say since so many other towns have even fewer places where offenders can go, more offenders are coming to Waukesha.

It's something they say shouldn't scare people, but they want to make sure people are aware - so they can be proactive

"With the increase of the restrictions that are placed, where in the past people may have had housing because of the restrictions they find themselves in many of the exclusion zones," says Lieutenant Philip Carini with Waukesha Sheriff's Office.

"It's a sensitive subject. Not one that people like to talk about. That's why we have had some difficulty getting some headway. I hope a state law is passed I hope our legislature takes notice of all of this and continues to move forward," says Aaron Perry, District 12 Alderman.

Here's a link to the Sex Offender Registry

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