Waukesha Police Department Pushes the Boundary of Technology

The Waukesha Police Department is pushing the boundary on technology. They recently purchased a device that cuts investigation times and can make an investigation even more precise. It's called the Faro Focus 3D scanner and Waukesha is the only local police department in the state with one.

"In a 3D world, you can go through that whole scene in a virtual environment," said Specialist Andy Schmidt with the Waukesha Police Department.

The FARO takes 360 degree images and can be moved to different points at a scene to take different angles. Once all of the images are collected, they're made in to a fly through which can give detectives second by second accounts of what they're investigating. Detectives can also click two points on a still image and the computer will give a precise measurement. That will help when it comes to measuring a bullet's distance or trajectory.

"It measures everything exactly, down to approximately two millimeters accurate," Specialist Schmidt said.

Not only does that help solve a case, the images can take a jury right in to a scene with the detectives.

The FARO's scans are currently being used as evidence in a few cases, and other cities are borrowing it for their investigations, too.

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