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Waukesha PD: 2 teens arrested after carjacking woman at Metro Market

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Waukesha police say two teens were arrested after carjacking a woman and leading officers on a pursuit on Wednesday, March 4.

Officers were notified that a 66-year-old woman was robbed at the Metro Market on Silvernail Road around 1:36 p.m. The victim said she'd been loading groceries into the trunk of her car when a black SUV pulled up behind her. She said a man then jumped out of it and forcefully grabbed her car keys. 

The victim chased the suspect around her car, and another man jumped out of the SUV and into her car. She said the first suspect then jumped into the driver's seat and sped off. 

A Waukesha County Sheriff's deputy tried to stop the vehicle on I-94, and the driver fled, exiting on Mayfair Road and traveling northbound in the southbound lanes. The pursuit ended in a crash on Mayfair Road at Walnut Street. 

Police say no one was injured in the crash, and both suspects, a 15-year-old and 16-year-old, were taken into custody. 

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Homer 32 days ago
Two Black teens, in a stolen black SUV, are dropped off in a predominantly white shopping center to violently carjack a 66 year old white woman's car, which they destroyed in a crash...

Black teens... Carjacking... nothing new there... White Senior Citizens, as victims, in Waukesha... that's new...

Penalties for carjacking? Demerits, Timeout, and a lecture of more to come.

Was this a racist hate crime? Or, does the Double Standard apply? Should the 66 year old white woman be charged with a hate crime? No, it's only a hate crime if the victim is black.

Kevin Homer 32 days ago
or race had nothing to do with it and two kids saw an opportunity to take a car
Homer Kevin 32 days ago
Facts are Racist.

Statistics are Racist.

Now, imagine 2 White teens carjacking a 66 year old Black woman's car at a grocery store on the north side of Milwaukee. Is it hard to imagine? STATISTICALLY, what is the probability of this happening? Has it ever happened in Wisconsin?

The penalty for carjacking by teens is Demerits and a Timeout for these violent criminals.
Kevin Homer 31 days ago
I just think that - rather than IMAGINING different possible hypothetical scenarios to defend some sort of agenda based on race or geography - we should just deal with the ACTUAL events.
Homer Kevin 31 days ago
That seems to be like driving using only your rear view mirror. Don't look at what's coming at you...

Are there places/communities in Milwaukee that you are not comfortable driving/walking through? How about those same places after dark? Would you stop to help someone in those areas, if you were driving by yourself, or with your family?

Everyone has the right to feel safe everywhere. How do we make that happen, looking backwards hasn't worked, yet. Demerits and Timeouts don't deter violent crime, or carjackings. Punishment is required to deter crime, regardless of Race, Age, Sex.

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