Waukesha officers honored for saving man in cardiac arrest

NOW: Waukesha officers honored for saving man in cardiac arrest

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Four Waukesha police officers were honored Tuesday, Nov. 16, after saving a man in cardiac arrest. It all happened on Sept. 8, 2021 around 8:29 p.m.

Jim Blackney was driving home near Madison and Moorland when he went into cardiac arrest.

"I turned the corner but I don't remember turning the corner," he said.

The medical emergency happened right near a Waukesha police squad car. Officers on scene immediately leapt into action.

"With all doors locked and no way to reach the victim, Officer Hendriksen was forced to breach the vehicle's passenger side door and was able to unlock the vehicle for other officers," said Deputy Chief Dennis Angle.

"It was the right place, right time. They noticed me slumped over and got me out," said Blackney.

Officers then began life-saving efforts. First, they performed CPR and then used an AED defibrillator to provide a charge to Blackney's heart.

Blackney told CBS 58 he is forever grateful for the officers that saved him.

"This is a piece of good news because I'm here and I can still keep going. This event, this is for the officers. They are the ones to be honored. I was just a casual participant."

The American Red Cross says 88% of cardiac arrests happen in the home. That's about one life every 90 seconds nationally. 

The AED that saved Blackney's life was donated to the Waukesha police department by the Kai Lermer Foundation.

The officers honored at Waukesha City Hall are: Officer Christopher Moss, Officer Nick Hendriksen, Officer William Paszkiewicz and Officer Roosevelt Mullins.

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