Waukesha honors parade victims with blue lights

NOW: Waukesha honors parade victims with blue lights

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- City leaders in Waukesha hope the city will be lit up in blue lights on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 28.

The Mayor of Waukesha, council members and downtown businesses are helping promote the "Unite with a Blue Light" initiative by handing out blue lightbulbs and asking citizens to put the lights outside of their homes to remember the lives lost during last Sunday's Waukesha Christmas parade attack.

On Sunday, November 28, the city plans to hold a moment of silence at 4:39 p.m. in remembrance of the victims and lives impacted during the parade attack.

Mary Janes, a store in downtown Waukesha, is one of the many businesses handing out the blue lights.

"People have been coming in all day so it's really nice to see you know," said Mary Janes owner Mary Mei.

"I want to participate in this to show my support for the community that has been home and that I care for. I'm going to have it on the front porch and hopefully go out and see my neighbors who will probably be out on the street. Just go out and observe the moment of silence together," explained Alissa Hypki, a Waukesha resident.

Community members told CBS 58 they just want to find the bright spot in a sea of darkness.

"There was so much out there you know? Everywhere just viral. We want to have something positive go viral. Hopefully, have our whole city glow," said Mei.

For many people in the community, the lights symbolize one thing.

"Hope. Hope moving forward that this will bring us together and be stronger on the other side of this," said Hypki.

Here's a list of businesses participating in the light bulb giveaway:

• Mary Janes - 335 W. Main Street

• Burlap and Lace Marketplace - 272 W. Main St.

• Almont Gallery - 342 W. Main St.

• Martha Merrell Books and Toys - 231 W. Main St.

• Village Collective - 808 N. Grand Ave.

• Paws for a Moment Pet Spa and Boutique - 316 South St.

• River’s End Gallery - 380 W. Main St.

To donate to the United for Waukesha Community Fund click HERE.

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