Waukesha fire chief demoted to firefighter

WAUKESHA -- The Waukesha Fire and Police Commission demotes Jesse Alba from fire chief to firefighter. The ruling was made after sexual assault allegations were made against Alba by a fellow  public employee.


Jesse Alba, who was appointed to head up the Fire Department in Waukesha, had only been on the job since April, when in June, an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment surfaced.

The allegations according to Alba's female co-worker stated that prior to Alba being sworn in as chief, he threatened the woman's job.


The co-worker says Alba had told her he had fallen in love with her, and that if he were appointed fire chief he would fire her, if she didn't step down voluntarily. Eventually, Alba was sworn-in, and the woman quit.


City Administrator Ed Henschel spear-headed a probe with the help of an independent investigator.

He says that although Alba denied the allegations, he determined that there was sufficient evidence to ask for the Fire Chiefs resignation. Alba denied to step down.


Shortly thereafter, another pair of allegations, this time from the Waukesha's Administrative Assistant.


According to the statement of charges sent to the Police and Fire Commission, Kathy Stefan claims that Alba entered her office on July 5, 2013, closed her office doors and window shades, and questioned Stefan about the investigation.


The city says Stefan filed charges with the Waukesha's Human Resources Department, claiming Alba had violated the city of Waukesha's Ant-Harassment Policy by making her upset.


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