Waukesha Family Celebrates Donor Match For Infant

An early Christmas gift for a Waukesha family.

Five-month-old Daniel McCabe was put on the waiting list for a liver transplant, and in just 40 minutes a donor was found.

His mother Melody was shocked. "I was like, I said 'what? What do you mean we have a liver?' "

Daniel was born with a rare liver disease, and earlier this month he took a turn for the worse.

The transplant operation was a success, but it's bittersweet for the boy's family, who is also thinking of the adult donor.

"The only thing I could think of at first was the poor family. I was just so sad for them. Then I was glad for Daniel. Then I felt guilty for feeling glad," Melody said.

Daniel's father, Joseph, was filled with emotion. "I can only chalk it up to some kind of divine intervention. Whoooo, oh my goodness, what a gift."

Daniel is getting healthier each day, and should be home early next year.

Doctors only used a portion of the donor liver on Daniel, and another patient received the rest.

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