Waukesha dance center finds creative way to stay open and keep kids active during pandemic

NOW: Waukesha dance center finds creative way to stay open and keep kids active during pandemic

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Students across the state are now learning online due to the coronavirus outbreak, but what about the extracurricular activities they love to do? 

Liberty Dance Center in Waukesha, was facing the same problem like other non-essential businesses across southeast Wisconsin. Owner Kate Moody said she had no other option but to get creative for the kids' sake. 

"Dance lessons teach life lessons and this couldn’t be more true right now. We’re really focusing on persistence, making a quick pivot when life throws you a curve ball,” Moody said. 

Moody now offers virtual classes -- bringing the studio dance floors to living rooms. 

"We are realizing as teachers now how much we rely on energy of our students and when you’re in person you can you can hear the kids’ voices, you can high five,” Moody said. 

High fives are a thing of the past, at least for now. But Moody said continuing to offer classes was necessary to stay in business, but she says more importantly to give her kids some normalcy during this difficult time. 

"If we had not jumped ship right away and got onboard with the virtual platform, our kids would have been the ones that really suffered. That’s been our main focus this whole time. Just to make sure our kids are still being connected and getting physical activity,” Moody said. 

Moody and her staff of ten teachers offer about 100 classes a week to 600 kids, including classes for kids with special kids. 

While dancing in living rooms, bedrooms, and even hallways is less than ideal, Mood said it has had some unexpected perks. 

"It’s really made us focus on really getting down to some core work and thinking outside the box to really use the space we have to the best of our abilities," Moody said.

Registration to sign up for summer dance sessions is soon -- CLICK HERE for more information. 

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