Waukesha County takes the brunt of Thursday's storms, even a convent

NOW: Waukesha County takes the brunt of Thursday’s storms, even a convent

Waukesha (CBS 58)--A good amount of real estate in Waukesha County took the brunt of what Mother Nature served up late Thursday afternoon.

A concentrated area of damage centered itself around Carroll University near downtown Waukesha. Powerful winds knocked down trees and power lines, even a wall at an apartment complex. The Education Hall and Physical Therapy building on campus remain closed for the time.

It seems no one and no place was immune, including a location some would say is a little closer to God -- the Schoenstatt Center on the border of Waukesha and the town of Delafield.

It’s estimated that winds may have brought down 50 trees on the Schoenstatt property.  Folks with the Knights of Columbus are expected to help with storm cleanup on Saturday.

From the city of Waukesha...

City crews were out last night and will continue to respond and assess the damage caused by last night’s storm. Crews will work through this weekend on clean-up efforts.
City trees that have fallen will be cleaned up and removed by City crews. A City tree is a tree that was growing in the terrace area which is the area between the sidewalk and the curb. Residents are responsible for clean-up of their private trees. A private tree is any tree that was growing behind the sidewalk, towards the house. If your private tree has fallen on the City sidewalk or road, crews will clean it up to the point of your private property.
Due to the amount of private property tree branches down in the storm area, City crews will conduct a brush/branch pick-up of two specific area locations. Please see the attached maps. Crews will be going through these two areas over the next week picking up the branches that are placed in the terrace area. Residents must have items out for collection on the terrace area by Monday, July 8th at 7am for pick-up.
Residents are also encouraged to bring any branches from the storm to the Drop-Off Center (750 Sentry Drive). The Drop-Off Center will collect storm branches from residents for free at the following times:

• Saturday, June 29- 8am-4pm
• Monday, July 1- 2pm-6pm (storm branches ONLY)
• Wednesday, July 3- 11am-7pm
• Saturday, July 6- 8am-4pm
• Monday, July 8- 2pm-6pm (storm branches ONLY)
 Please use caution as you work on your own property and assess for damage:
• Do not go near downed power lines
• Do not attempt to remove trees or branches that are in the road or terrace area as crews will be coming to clean up these trees.
• Do not burn yard waste

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