Waukesha County man charged with stealing Brewers playoff tickets

NOW: Waukesha County man charged with stealing Brewers playoff tickets

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- A Waukesha County man has been charged with stealing Brewers playoff tickets. Police got a complaint at the end of September from a Brewers season ticket holder who said his playoff tickets had been stolen.

The Brewers fan bought four tickets to all ten of the Brewers playoff games that he could at a cost of $6,915. The fan assumed the tickets would be sent to him digitally but when he did not receive them he contacted the Brewers who said the tickets were mailed to his house. The fan had not updated his address so the tickets were sent to his old house.

The Brewers told the fan that some of the tickets had been sold on Stub Hub. 

Another man who bought tickets from someone for $30 each went to the Brewers ticket office to verify the authenticity of the tickets when he was told that they were stolen and not valid. Police used the man to contact the seller and tell him he wanted to buy more tickets. When the suspect showed up for the meeting he told police that the tickets belonged to his father-in-law who wanted to sell them. 

Eventually the suspect, identified as 34-year-old Eddie Patlan, told police the tickets were addressed to his house and he wanted to sell them because he knew they were worth a lot of money. Patlan has been charged with theft.

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