Waukesha County man accused of coercing teen girl to send nude photos

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- 22-year-old Ryan Baltz is charged with two counts of sexual exploitation of a child and possession of child pornography for allegedly coercing a 15-year-old Massachusetts girl to send him nude photos. The Town of Vernon resident allegedly threatened to send nude photos of the girl to her friends if she didn't continue sending him nude photos.

According to the criminal complaint, Baltz meet the teen girl on MeetMe.com in April of 2013. The two began talking on multiple websites, and eventually over the phone. The teenager told investigators Baltz eventually began asking her to send him nude photos. When she refused, Baltz allegedly threatened to post her Kick Messenger username on MeetMe.com. 

The 15-year-old girl says she sent Baltz one photo of herself, but he allegedly used the same threat to get more nude photos from her. Police say these nude photos were sent using Kick Messenger. The complaint says Baltz eventually coerced the girl into showing herself over Skype with him. She allegedly allowed Baltz to remotely access her web cam, allowing him to view her in her room whenever he wanted. The teenage victim told police, she did this because Baltz allegedly threatened to forward her nude photos to her friends using Facebook.

The criminal complaint says Baltz did send nude photos of the 15-year-old girl to her friends using Facebook. He allegedly did this, because the 15-year-old girl's Facebook page said she was in a relationship.

Police say Baltz admitted to finding the 15-year-old girl's real Facebook page, but did not admit to sending photos to the girl's friends after he discovered she had a boyfriend.

Investigators note that they found text messages from other girls asking Baltz not to distribute their photos on the internet.

If convicted of all three counts, Baltz could face up to 105 years in prison.



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