Waukesha County Dispatchers Take Over for Menomonee Falls Police

A local police department is no longer answering 911 calls, but it's a move to improve response times in life-saving situations. 

CBS 58's Kyle Aevermann was there as Waukesha County dispatchers took over the job for Menomonee Falls Police.

At anyone one given time there are at least 10 dispatchers answering 911 calls from across Waukesha county.

As of this morning, they are now helping with emergencies in Menonomee Falls as well.

Dispatchers in Menomonee Falls handed control of their 911 lines over to operators at the Waukesha County Communications Center.

Having calls run through this center, means not only can first responders can be dispatched almost immediately, but operators can help as well.

Residents in 32 of the 37 municipalities in Waukesha County get their emergency calls answered here, Getting rid of the expense of keeping up with technology.

As far as non-emergency calls, the departments in Menomonee Falls will still answer those.

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