Waukesha Co. Sheriff's Office Step Up Patrols Near Churches On Easter Sunday

Waukesha County Sheriff's Office is investigating a threat to churches in the Sussex area on Easter Sunday. Last week, a written threat was sent to a business but it was directed at unspecified churches.

The sheriff's office met with the churches last week to go over a safety plan.

Various agencies like the Sussex Police Department have stepped up their patrols to ensure safety for all places of worship on the holiday. 

"This would be a good day you follow the speed limit because there are more sheriff’s deputies than you can shake a stick at," said Pastor Tom Kent. 

Officers patrolled around 11 churches in Menomonee Falls, Lisbon and Sussex. The Federal Bureau of Investigation determined the person who wrote the letter was not Joseph Jakubowski. 

Easter service at Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church was packed. People like Maria Liedtke said the threat did not stop her from coming to church.

"Church is what is important and being here with my friends and family," said Liedtke. 

Investigators are asking citizens of Waukesha County to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. 

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