Waukesha Co. Bus Driver Crochets Toys for Every kid on Route

NOW: Waukesha Co. Bus Driver Crochets Toys for Every kid on Route

It all started with a dare from a 4th grader. Next thing Trudy Serres knew, she was crocheting toys for every single kid on her bus route. 

    "This little boy asked me, kind of dared me, If I could make a taco," she says. "And I said, I'm sure I could."

That night, she sat down with needle and yarn and went to work. Serres is a talented crocheter, but the taco still took her a few hours.

    "I did it and two days later I give him the taco, he's the first one on the bus, and he showed every student that got on. He said look what Ms. Trudy gave me, look what Ms. Trudy made!" 

Serres started getting requests from other students, and soon had a request from 34 different kids on the route. Two wanted Yodas, another wanted an owl, another wanted a football. Serres made them all. 

    "Seeing their reactions when they got their little creations, it was priceless," she says. "My reward I guess is their faces."

Serres says many of the students bring their toys with them to school every day. Parents have told her others take them on vacation, and to church. 

As her story grows, Serres has started receiving messages from people wanting to donate yarn. She says she's reluctant to accept, because she doesn't like receiving gifts. Instead, she likes giving them.

    "You could see them just light up when they got them," she says.


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