Waukesha Co. Borders Predicted Heavy Snowfall, Plow Operators Prepare for Rough Roads

Waukesha County is right on the edge of some of Tuesday's worst predicted weather. City crews are preparing as if conditions will be on the rougher side of things.

The Northwest part of Waukesha County could get between two and four inches of snow. But just beyond that the forecast is for five to ten inches.

Private plowing companies stocked up on Monday - buying salt from Snow Plow Solutions off Highway 100. There is still plenty of salt to go around in what's otherwise been a mild winter.

"Everyone waits until they call for the snow before they come in a pick up their salt, purchase their parts. But from then on it's 100%," Snow Plow Solutions owner Chad Stone said.

"Yeah, last Wednesday we got real busy. And now everyone's been calling. The phone's been ringing off the hook all day," Stone said.

The recent interest is good for the company. Stone said they are about two months behind on sales compared to where they were last year.

At the Waukesha City Garage plows trucks get filled with salt one last time before the snow starts falling.

Waukesha Director of Public Works Fred Abadi said their drivers are on call but recent weather models show they may not need to come in before their regularly scheduled shifts.

Crews pre-treated Waukesha roads Sunday evening and that treatment is expected to work well because of this weekend's warm, wet weather.


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