Watch out for baby formula scams, BBB warns

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Officials with the Better Business Bureau say scammers are looking to prey on people looking to get baby formula.

Lisa Schiller with BBB Wisconsin says across the country scammers are posting formula for sale on social media platforms asking buyers to direct message them for more info.

The scammers then want payment via peer to peer services like Venmo or PayPal, but the formula never shows up.

Schiller said you should carefully examine sites you're buying from to make sure it's a real business and not a front.

"Always use a payment method that is traceable, like a credit card. If a site is offering baby formula and they're not willing to take a credit card, big red flag," said Schiller.

She said if you do get scammed, or see a scam online, to report it to them as quickly as possible so they can work to prevent other people from being scammed.

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