Watch for the Potential for Severe Weather Thursday

The first widespread chance of severe weather this month is looking likely for Thursday. Expect heat and humidity to glide in along a warm front which will allow the temperatures to soar near 90 degrees, especially if sunshine is present during the day. Dew points will skyrocket back into the muggy territory well into the 60s to around 70.

With strong shear and decent instability coupled with a cold front sliding into the region, thunderstorms will blossom along the convergence line. Some of these storms could turn severe with large hail and damaging winds. If any thunderstorms develop in the afternoon or early evening, a few could rotate meaning tornadoes are possible with this storm system.

Most of the computer models are hinting at a later start for the storms. Timing could be later in the evening and overnight. The severity of the storms are dependent on how much sunshine is thrown into the equation during the day.

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