Warmest air of the season arrives for some on Easter

NOW: Warmest air of the season arrives for some on Easter

Saturday was a gorgeous weather day across southeast Wisconsin. Temperatures were actually only a few degrees above-average but the sunshine made it feel a lot warmer and the wind wasn't too bad. And if you liked Saturday, then you will love the weather for Easter.

Saturday we had a north wind that did shift a little to the northeast in the afternoon bringing in a lake breeze. On Sunday that wind shifts to the south bringing in even warmer air. Although a lake breeze is still possible in the afternoon, temperatures should be about 10° warmer than Saturday. That means around 70° lakeside with some inland spots pushing well into the middle 70s and even pushing towards 80°.

In Milwaukee the warmest day this year was 73° which happened earlier this month. That was with a southwest wind when inland spots were a couple degrees colder so Easter should be the warmest temps of the season for most inland communities and could be for lakeside spots too if the lake breeze stays away.

It's a great day for Easter. If you are heading out for a sunrise service expect seasonably cool temperatures in the low 40s or even upper 30s. Weather will be good to go and the grass will be dry for Easter egg hunts through the morning and afternoon. 

Overall Sunday will be a bit cloudier than Saturday was, but the sky should still stay mostly sunny. Clouds start to increase Sunday night ahead of a rain chance on Monday. Download the CBS 58 Ready Weather app to see just how warm we get.

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