Walworth gas station employee finds $4K in cash on ground, returns to owner

NOW: Walworth gas station employee finds $4K in cash on ground, returns to owner

WALWORTH, Wis. (CBS 58) –A Walworth man found $4,000 cash on the floor, but he’s finding out doing the right thing and turning the money in is much more rewarding than if he had kept the cash.

A maintenance employee was sweeping outside of the gas station and rest stop, Walworth Landing, on October 21. As he was about to throw an envelope away that he swept up in the dumpster, something didn’t feel right.  

“When I was looking at it, I noticed it was taped,” 36-year-old Bobby Carlson said.

That’s when Bobby Carlson found the $4,000 in cash inside the envelope.

“I figured whoever had that kind of money needed it, and it wouldn't be right to keep it,” Carlson said.

Carlson doesn’t have a car. He walked to the Walworth Police Station, but they were closed. So, he walked back to Walworth Landing and gave it to his boss to return it. 

“I feel like I did what anyone should have done,” Carlson said.

After reporting it to Walworth Police, the Police Chief set up a meeting to give the money back to its rightful owner who had reported it lost. The Chief rewarded Carlson with a Wisconsin National Guard Challenge Coin, which is typically not given to the general public.

“I felt kind of special,” Carlson said.

The owner of the money also rewarded Carlson with $500 for his kind actions. The word of Carlson’s kindhearted action is spreading, and people in Walworth are taking notice.

“You find a $20 bill on the ground, that's yours,” Resident Larry Psonak said. “But $4,000 you really want to do the right thing and for him to do that it's just nice and the whole town feels that way about him.”

For Carlson, he said it’s a good deed that would make his father up above happy. His father just passed away a couple weeks ago.

“He'd be proud that him and my mom raised me right and to be honest,” Carlson said. 

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