Walworth Co. fireworks go on ahead of schedule, safety top of mind for first responders

NOW: Walworth Co. fireworks go on ahead of schedule, safety top of mind for first responders

WALWORTH COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The night sky in Walworth County was all ready to be set ablaze with hundreds of fireworks. With heavy rains rolling into the area on the Fourth of July, the plan was set into motion sooner than officials wanted.

After the events in Highland Park, Illinois, emergency crews were prepared to keep crowds safe. Among them were members of the Civil Air Patrol, the official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force. 

Given current events around the world, bystanders remained hypervigilant about their surroundings.

Lake Geneva served as the perfect backdrop for people to begin their Fourth of July festivities.  

"Lot of things happening in this area regarding the holiday or around the holidays," said Sarah Ogalsvie as she set up shop at Annie's Burgertown. 

Lia Haplin also works at Annie's Burgertown, in Elkhorn. 

"Fourth of July is always busy," said Haplin. 

Haplin, working nearly four years at the establishment, has learned a thing or two about people. 

"I am more aware of where everyone is and if someone is in one place for a really long time," said Haplin.

It's something assistant fire chief of Fontana, Scott Peterson, says is key for survival, saying, "We encourage the public, they see something that seems suspicious or bad, contact your local law enforcement agencies."

Those law enforcement agencies are partnering with an auxiliary source of the Unites States Air Force.

"We are there to be the eyes and ears and to make our voice heard and to get people out of the way," said Chief Master Sgt. Mark Gajewski, Walworth County Civil Air Patrol Squadron. 

The tragic Waukesha Christmas parade is still fresh on many people's minds.

"It’s a scary world we live in, a very scary world,  there's no doubt about it," says Rene Heackox of Elkhorn, a customer of Annie's Burgertown.

Gajewski, says they are ready to assist where needed.

"We don’t go into it blind, we have a process, that lessons learned best practices and we follow those as we go into it."

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