Wallet allegedly stolen from 99-year-old veteran after being hospitalized; family searches for answers

NOW: Wallet allegedly stolen from 99-year-old veteran after being hospitalized; family searches for answers

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --The daughter of a local Korean and World War II veteran says someone stole her dad's wallet moments after he was rushed to the emergency room Saturday. 

"He did not change himself out into the gown, so they removed the property from him and did not secure it," said Margie Paur.

On Monday, Paur told CBS 58 News that her 99-year-old father, Chet Gardoski, should not be dealing with the stress that has come from a visit to the emergency room.

Gardoski was at Marquette University's ROTC graduation on Saturday, participating in a "First Salute" toward a graduating lieutenant, when he became short of breath and was rushed to St. Luke's Hospital.

"He has a history of heart and kidney issues and so we were advised to go," Paur explained.

Paur said her dad was admitted in his full uniform attire and several medical staffers stripped him of his belongings and left them unattended. On Sunday, the family said they found multiple unknown charges to Gardoski's credit and debit cards, and his family soon realized his wallet had been stolen.

"I asked them if they had cameras that they could look at. She said there are no cameras in the rooms and that they would not have access to anything," added Paur, after speaking with the nursing unit.

Paur said she's tried calling different hospital managers for the past two days.

A spokesperson from St. Luke's told CBS 58 News that their public safety department has been working with the family and did review surveillance video, but ultimately found nothing.

In a statement, they said:

"We are disappointed to learn about this family’s concern. It’s standard practice for patients to put their possessions in a safe place or give their possessions to family members upon admission. We are reviewing this matter and are in touch with the family directly to discuss their concerns."

"They blame you, the person, the incapacitated person, as a responsible party, and I don't think that's the right way to deal with this situation," Paur said.

The family filed a police report on Monday afternoon with hopes of getting to the bottom of the case.

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