Walker's support from Wisconsin Republicans drops with new candidates entering

Scott Walker is leading in Wisconsin in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, with 25% of voters who are Republican, according to a Marquette University poll. 
Following Walker are Ben Carson at 13%, Donald Trump at 9%, and Ted Cruz at 8 percent. Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio receive 7% each. Jeb Bush is the choice of 6 percent, and each of the remaining candidates garners 4 percent or less. 
In April, the Marquette poll had Walker at 40%, with Rand Paul in second place at 10%. Trump was not included in the April list of candidates. 
On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton leads with 44%, followed by Bernie Sanders at 32% and Joe Biden at 12%. Lincoln Chaffee, Martin O’Malley and Jim Webb each receive less than 1% support. In April, Clinton had 58% support and Biden 12% while Sanders was not included in the April poll. Elizabeth Warren, who was not included in this poll, had received 14% support in April.
In the 2016 race for the U.S. Senate, Democrat Russ Feingold receives 47% support and Republican Ron Johnson 42%. In April, Feingold received 54% to Johnson’s 38%. Feingold is viewed favorably by 42% and unfavorably by 30%, with 28% unable to give a rating. Johnson is seen favorably by 30% and unfavorably by 31%, with 38% unable to rate him. In April, Feingold’s rating was 47% favorable and 26% unfavorable, with 26%unable to rate. For Johnson in April, 32% had a favorable view, 29% unfavorable, and 39% were unable to rate.
The full sample includes 802 registered voters interviewed by cell phone and by landline with a margin of error of +/-4.3 percentage points. Results for the Republican nomination are based on 334 registered voters who consider themselves Republicans or independents who lean to the Republican Party. The Democratic results are based on 396 Democrats or independents who lean Democratic. The margin of error for the Republican sample is +/-6.6 percentage points and for the Democratic sample it is +/-6.1 percentage points.
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