Walker Suspends Presidential Campaign

Governor Scott Walker suspended his campaign for the presidential race in Madison on September 21.
Walker said, "I will suspend my campaign immediately."
Once the leader in Iowa, Gov. Scott Walker had dropped to less than half of 1% in a new CNN poll.
"I am being called to lead by helping to clear the field," said Walker.
Although he didn't mention Donald Trump by name, many political observers thought he took a swipe at the front runner by encouraging other candidates to unit behind a true conservative choice.
Local campaign attorney Mike Maistelman was a special live guest on the CBS 58 News at 4 p.m.
 "He's probably going to throw his support behind who he thinks will be the next President and maybe with that get some perks like a cabinet position or something like that," said Maistelman. "As we saw Governor Thompson do with the Bush administration."
Maistelman said we will hear two very distinct interpretations of the move in Madison.

"The democrats are going to spin it that Walker's wounded. When the people of America saw who he really was, they weren't happy with him. Republicans are going to say he's coming back here to focus on the do the job he was elected to do; to grow jobs and the economy." 
Walker's Campaign timeline:
Governor Scott Walker's announced he was running on July 13 in Waukesha. 
Governor Scott Walker spoke about his Day One Plan at Reagan's alma mater on September 10.
Governor Scott Walker released his health care plan to scrap President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act on August 18
Walker took place in two debates, a Fox News Debate on August 6 and a CNN Debate on September 16. 
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