Walker says Foxconn leaders concerned about possible Democratic governor

Governor Scott Walker said Monday Foxconn leaders are concerned about the possibility of a democratic governor unseating him.

This comes days after Foxconn leaders said walker was a big factor in them coming.

Mari Christensen owns JQ Foxes bar and grill in Sturtevant, and says the community is split on Foxconn. She says some of her customers are looking to move.

“They’re not looking forward to the big conglomerate that’s coming in,” Christensen said.

But Christensen and Castlewood restaurant owner Gonzolo Perez say they’re looking forward to the company increasing business.

Foxconn Executive Louis Woo said Wednesday in Milwaukee at an event for Vice President Mike Pence, there’s a major reason they’re coming to build a a facility.

"I would argue that there is only basically one reason to start with," Woo said. "It’s Governor Walker.”

Several Democratic candidates for governor say Walker gave too generous of a deal to the company, including current state Rep.Dana Wachs.

“Spending $270,000 for a job is terrible.”

Walker says Foxconn leaders are concerned about the possibility of a democrat in office.

“You’ve got politicians saying they’re going to wait for a moment to step on something and throw them out," Walker said. "I think that’s a really big concern.”

Not all democrats say they would throw Foxconn out, but Wachs says the company has a history of breaking their end of the deal. and if they do. he wouldn't mind ending it.

“If they break the contract, we’re going to renegotiate it or end it,” Wachs said.

Wachs said the billions invested in Foxconn would be better spent investing in small businesses.

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