Walker says arena is statewide issue, more details coming today or tomorrow

Governor Scott Walker says the arena plan is a statewide issue, not just a Milwaukee issue. Walker, speaking in Waukesha Thursday morning, said he met with Senate Majority leader Scott Fitzgerald and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos Wednesday. Walker says it doesn't matter if the deal is in the state budget or separated out as a bill. He says the negotiations are different because there's a deadline to get an arena built, if nothing happens the Milwaukee Bucks can leave town.

\"If that happens, we lose both the base level of revenue we get currently from NBA players, we lose on top of that projected levels of increase, very conservative estimates,\" Walker said. \"You add those things together along with the cost of the Bradley Center and you've got over $400 million in costs and lost revenue.\"

Walker says he wants to create an agreement that benefits all.

\"Not only provides a new arena and new value to Milwaukee but provides greater return on the dollar for state taxpayers. That's what we'll be talking about hopefully later today if everything works out.\"

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