Walker campaign doubles up 8 Democratic candidates combined in fundraising

NOW: Walker campaign doubles up 8 Democratic candidates combined in fundraising

With the campaign finance reports out, Democratic candidates are saying why they came out on top.

Kelda Roys has the most money to spend, with about $668,000 in cash on hand.

"The fact that we've been able to build so much momentum while spending so little money means that we have more money than all the rest of the competitors in the field to get our message out," Roys said.

Matt Flynn has the second most in the bank with $403,000.

"The key is cash on hand," Flynn said. "In other words, you have to have it to spend for television. And I'm feeling very very good. Because we are number two in cash on hand."

Mahlon Mitchell points out he's raised the most money from others, without loaning his own campaign money, like the other candidates.

"I've actually raised dollars," Mitchell said. "Not giving myself a loan, but actually raised dollars. I've raised the most amount of money in this campaign thus far."

As for money raised since January, Roys is in the lead with $ 677,000, followed by Mitchell with $526,000, state Superintendent Tony Evers with $496,000 and Flynn at $337,000. But Marquette Professor Paul Nolette says the biggest takeaway is Gov. Scott Walker raising twice all of them combined, at nearly $5.5 million.

"It's staggering actually," Nolette said. "And it's even more so when you look across the rest of the country. You have Democrats outraising their Republican counterparts."

Nolette says that will change once large democratic donors know who to back.

"Democrats are already in contact with those donors saying please donate right away, so we're not swamped by Walker ads right after the primary."

There are still four other candidates in the race, but they've raised far less money. None of the Democratic candidates have run TV ads yet, but Roys said she will in the coming days. 

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