Waldo, Wisconsin Man Charged with 52 Counts in House Explosion

A Waldo, Wisconsin man has been charged with 52 counts of possession of improvised explosives after an explosion at a Sheboygan County residence shook several houses.

Daniel Shilts allegedly caused the explosion on February 20.

 On Saturday, February 20 at approximately 4:45 PM, the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call of a possible explosion at 720 West Second Street in the Village of Waldo. Officers immediately responded and recognized the home as being owned by Shilts.

Upon arrival, the deputies observed several of the front porch windows of the residence were broken and appeared to have been blown out. They also observed the homeowner cleaning up glass.  Shilts told police it was a welding accident. 

After further investigation and search of the residence, officer’s found evidence of materials to make explosives and fireworks; including unknown chemicals.

Officers seized from the house: 15 pounds of Potassium Chlorate; 20 pounds of Potassium Nitrite; 2 pounds of Dextrin; 2 pounds of Aluminum Powder; 1.5 pounds of Spherical Titanium; 2 pounds of Aluminum Atomized; 2 pounds of Magnesium; 1 pound of Chlorinated Rubber; 3 pounds of Charcoal; 11 pounds of Sulfur Powder; 4 pounds of Boric Acid; 1 pound of Silicone; 2 pounds of Aluminum Flake; 4 pounds of Sodium Benzoate Liquid; and 1 gallon of Sulfuric Acid.

Also seized were eleven (11) six inch “shells” which had not yet been assembled, each one of which had a fuse attached, as well as a homemade device for winding fuses together.

Shilts was on parole for a 2008 criminal case where he was convicted of possession of improvised explosives. In that case he was found in possession of a large amount of explosive chemicals. He also was convicted of bail jumping for violating his parole in 2012 when he was found with large amounts of firework-making chemicals.  

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