Waiting for 70s in Milwaukee

It's been awhile... 186 days to be exact, since we last felt seventy degree warmth in Milwaukee. October 21st hit seventy-six degrees and that was the end of the 70s for the year and that trend continues as of today. It's a bit unusual when you look back in records. Check this out:

 First things first, there is hope! We're forecasting 70s next week. The first one is expected next Monday, which is the last day of April. As you can see, that's about three weeks behind schedule. Even more interesting is the fact that if that doesn't happen, it will only be the 7th year where 70s held off until May since records began at Mitchell Airport.
 If we extend the forecast, we're actually looking at three days in a row in the 70s. The third day, next week Wednesday, also features showers and storms. We haven't had three days in a row in the 70s since October 7th-9th where highs topped out at 78°, 78° and 77° respectively.

And 70s should be more common in the days ahead. Milwaukee averages 10 days in the 70s during the month of May.

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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