Waffle House Worker Allegedly Poisoned Co-Worker with Meth

DAWSON COUNTY, GA (CBS46) - Police say a man was intentionally poisoned by a co-worker at a Waffle House.

The incident occurred at a Waffle House in Dawson County, Ga., which is about 57 miles northeast of Atlanta. 

Dawson County investigators said a man was intentionally poisoned with methamphetamine by a co-worker. Sonserea Evans was arrested on aggravated battery charges for allegedly drugging 37-year-old Brian Mikeals.

"It's the most devastating thing you can ever go through," Mikeals' mother, Pam, told CBS46 in an exclusive interview. "I was scared, I was terrified."

Deputies told CBS46 that Evans is not cooperating with the investigation and they have no motive, but surveillance video allegedly shows her taking Mikeals' drink to the bathroom, then returning it without him realizing. They believe that is when she dropped in the methamphetamine.

Mikeals' family told CBS46 the father collapsed after ingesting the drugs. He was in a coma for four weeks. He cannot walk and can barely speak.

"This is low, this is somebody you work with," Dawson County Captain Tony Wooten said. "We believe, obviously, that it was intentional; that she took the methamphetamine and put it in the cup for him to drink."

The victim is recovering at Northside Hospital in Cumming, just northeast of Atlanta.  The family is hoping to get him to a Dahlonega rehab center.

"Right now I just have to look ahead," Pam said.  "I have to say, "Alright, if he gets his therapy, will he walk again?"  And I have to keep my hopes up that yes, he can walk again, yes he can talk again, yes he can take his daughter fishing again. If I don't have that hope, I have nothing."

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