Voters Hear from Local Candidates at Forum

CBS 58-- Presidential candidates are flooding the state this week, but there are also a number of local races on the ballot next Tuesday.

Wednesday night voters had a chance to hear from many of those candidates at Milwaukee Beer Bistro.

“The local officials are going to impact my life more than the people in Washington, DC and it’s unfortunate that we don’t know more about them,” said Max Jitney, a voter who attended the forum.

That’s why Max Jitney and other voters took the opportunity to hear directly from some of those local candidates.

“Community events like this are really important to reach out to the voter,” said Richard Knoedler, who attended the forum.

Riverwest Votes put on the even, and all the aldermanic, mayoral, judicial and county executive candidates were invited to attend.

“Locally, I don’t think people always realize, that they really do have an impact,” said Chris Christie with Riverwest Votes.

And Christie says in a year with hotly contested presidential primaries, it’s important to remember those local races.

“From the condition of the streets that you live on, to the laws that effect your children, public schools, healthcare, yeah they have a big impact,” Christie said.

Jitney says it’s those local issues and where the candidates stand that he wants to hear more about.

“The opinions I have formed of many of the candidates are what I find in my mailbox,” Jitney said.

Each candidate had a chance to give a three minute speech and then field questions from the audience.

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