Volunteers hold community cleanup in Milwaukee's Westlawn neighborhood

NOW: Volunteers hold community cleanup in Milwaukee’s Westlawn neighborhood

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The nice weather has people coming out of their homes to get some exercise, and as witnessed Monday, improve the look of their neighborhoods.

A community cleanup was held Monday in Westlawn Gardens. The goal was to create not only a cleaner, but safer Milwaukee.

The Safe & Sound youth organization partnered with Rocketship Public Schools and the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center to recruit volunteers.

"With COVID-19, you know, everybody is stuck to the screen right now, so everybody just needs some fresh air, get out," said Ashley Campbell, district 4 youth organizer. "I know everybody is out like protesting and stuff like that, but I think doing something for your community makes you feel good inside."

As an added bonus, 60 lunches were donated to those who helped clean.

Safe & Sound is a great resource for kids during the summer.

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