Visitors, commuters navigate road closures due to Summerfest, President's visit

NOW: Visitors, commuters navigate road closures due to Summerfest, President’s visit

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- President Trump's visit comes on one of the busiest nights in Milwaukee.

Thousands of people traveled downtown for Summerfest and the Big Bang Fireworks.

For blocks downtown, you ran into dump trucks blocking cars from driving through or parking. Although it was a big chunk of downtown to lose on a busy day, people found a way around and at least for today, avoided any major backups.

"Came down to see the activity." Joseph Weber was one of the dozens of people who walked by the Pfister Hotel on Wednesday to grab a glimpse of security going up around the hotel.

Sightseers didn't have to worry about traffic because there was no traffic. Roads in all directions around the hotel were closed to cars.

"It's been a little chaotic with having the roads blocked off," said Stephanie Grisham who works near the Pfister. Stephanie Grisham and Emma Jacobs who work nearby say the timing of the President's visit presents problems.

"It's the start of Summerfest, people are kind of out and about already and I would think if you want to come down and have a nice time before you hit the music scene, it'd be kind of a hassle," said Jacobs.

Because foot traffic is still allowed, most businesses stayed steady during happy hour and traffic around the closed-off area kept moving.

"The police are kind of rerouting you and being helpful which I think is really nice."

"Probably won't experience anything like this ever again."

Avery McLain is staying at the Pfister. She booked her room back in May and had no idea she'd share her hotel with the President.

"When we go to the airport and they said there is going to be extra security cause the president is in town," McLain said. 

It's part of the feeling of excitement downtown on a big busy night for the city.

"There will be a lot of extra activity, a lot of security, a little extra traffic but I think it's worth it."

"It is exciting, how many times do we get to have the POTUS in the city?"

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