VIRAL: Man confronts two women trying to steal his canopy

MILWAUKEE -- A Florida man caught two women trying to steal his canopy on New Smyrna Beach. Video of the incident went viral after the man posted video if the interaction on YouTube.

The video begins showing two women struggling to dismantle a canopy on the beach. The man who owned the canopy approached the women. He asked, \"Is that your?\"

One of the women replied, \"Yeah, but we don't know how to do it.\" The man said, \"Oh...You need some help?\"

Both women ask the man, \"Do you know how to do it?\" 

That's when the man said, \"Yeah this is our stuff.\"

The women appeared confused for a moment, but one of them told the man to turn off his camera. She began chasing him before the recording ends.

WKMG reports the man did not want to press charges against the women. They could have been charged with grand theft and battery.


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