Viral arrest video raises questions

Jefferson Parish (WGNO) -- Did a Jefferson Parish Deputy cross the line while making an arrest?


That's the question many have raised after watching a viral video recorded by a cell phone.


WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter talked to the man arrested, and has more about what could happen next.


video audio: \"You're under arrest. For what?\"


It's a video that's gone viral; a video that raises questions about right and wrong.


video audio: \"I'm not answering to you, you're answering to me.\"


Don Rell Breaux says it started Sunday when he was hanging with friends on the porch of a River Ridge home, located in the 200 block of Marmandie Avenue.


\"I guess the neighbor didn't like our, the vulgarity or the profanity that was probably used within the conversation.\"


That led to a heated exchange, and a disturbance call to 911.


\"Next thing come out of his mouth is don't worry about it, I have five units on the way.\"


In comes the deputy — the man WGNO News has learned is Wesley West. A man Breaux says he's seen at his neighbor's home before.


\"He's actually a friend that I've seen over there several times on many occasions, BBQ's New Year's.\"


Second to arrive was a Levee Patrol Officer Breaux says he's seen at the neighbor's home too.


We tried to track down the complainant, neighbor Dale Smith Sr. at his Harahan office. We wanted to ask if he'd phoned friends who happened to be officers.


A man who identified himself as Dale Smith Jr turned us away.


Breaux thinks the JPSO deputy crossed the line.


\"When you let your friend call you to come handle personal vendettas with neighbors or disputes that you feel you have.\"


Leader of police watch group, Metropolitan Crime Commission says, \"If that's the case, it's something that warrants a thorough investigation by the sheriff's department,\" Rafael Goyeneche.


video audio: \"Why is you doing this? Do not shoot me, please.\"


An unidentified man recorded the video.


\"I know he had overstepped his boundaries there's no telling what he could do next,\" he explained.


But skeptics question what happened before the recording.


Breaux says ask his neighbor.


We counted four cameras outside his home.


\"If I don't have enough footage, he should be willing to give up the rest of his footage.\"


video audio: \"Help Eric… This office he's harassing everybody here.\"


A spokesman with JPSO says the deputy smelled marijuana, asked for Breaux's identification, and proceeded to make a lawful arrest.


video audio: \"Dee, Dee, just let him go, let him cuff. Son he's trying to take me to jail. \"For what? \"He's telling me I'm under arrest I'm scared.\"


Trotter asked, \"Should you have complied? No, no because I feel like an unlawful arrest and I know I called out a unit, why not resist arrest and wait until another unit comes that's actually not a friend.\"


Don Rell Breaux was charged with disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, and battery on a police officer.


He has since obtained an attorney and is being advised of his legal rights.


An internal investigation at the Jefferson Parish Sheriff`s Office continues. 

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