'What happens... more and more nowadays': Milwaukee sees another violent, deadly weekend

NOW: ’What happens... more and more nowadays’: Milwaukee sees another violent, deadly weekend

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Another violent weekend unfolded in Milwaukee as the city saw nine reported shootings, four of which were fatal.

Police are piecing together two shootings that took place Sunday, Sept. 19. 

One shooting unfolded in broad daylight near 90th and Adler, and another came from witness accounts near North 46th and Capitol.

Neighbors, hesitant to go on camera, told CBS 58 they saw a suspicious vehicle driving down an alley off nearby 46th Street; a car was later found there riddled in bullet holes.

Other residents who didn't want to go on camera, told CBS 58 they saw three masked figures running from behind a neighbor's yard. Milwaukee police took a 16-year-old to the the hospital in that shooting.

"Usually this neighborhood is pretty calm and quiet, standard traffic, no other problems," said Bob Kosanke who lives off the street where that shooting happened.

Kosanke told CBS 58 that around 2 p.m., his wife came back home, and when she stepped into the doorway, police showed up.

"We saw two police cars go zipping down and we're going like what's going on with this? All of a sudden everyone else starts popping around, that's kind of what it's been. There was a couple of gunshots, I didn't hear them," said Kosanke.

Neighbors who didn't want to go on camera said police told them that the people involved in the shooting, who left behind an SUV, weren't from around the area.

For Kosanke, he said it's not all that shocking anymore.

"It's Milwaukee, it's kind of what happens in Milwaukee more and more nowadays," said Kosanke.

Both of these incidents remain under investigation.

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